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Welcome Aboard!

Boat Tours in Belfast!


Belfast’s history is intertwined with the water that

flows through it. 


The River Lagan brought life to the banks of Belfast and today we bring you the opportunity to enjoy life on the river.


Be it with friends, colleagues or family, Ahoy Belfast has room for 45 guests and gives you a new perspective of the city. It lets you explore this famous watercourse, its history and wildlife, all while enjoying time on the water and even some tasty food and drink

Join Ahoy Belfast and head Up the Lagan on a boat tour with us!


What we do...


Many of us have witnessed the ever changing landscape of the River Lagan, be it spring time with swans meandering along or the twinkling cityscape of the ever growing development along its banks... but few of us have made it on to the water. Now is your chance! 


Join us as head up the River Lagan on a boat tour of Belfast to enjoy this much loved, often sung about, stretch of water in our city.  


You’ll join us at the Lagan Weir to meet the crew and hop aboard to hear the history of our boat and the waterway that gave Belfast its name.  We cruise for up to 2 hours as we travel towards the newest weir at Stranmillis in South Belfast.  We’ll pass under historic bridges, see notable buildings and sculpture, as well as getting an up close view of the wildlife along the way.


We offer a selection of different packages to enjoy on your Belfast boat tour, so take a look at our packages here.

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