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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I book? 


Click Here to make an enquiry.


Where do we meet?


The Big Fish... Well that’s what us locals call it, if you look on a map, it’s the Salmon of Knowledge.  Our crew will meet you there at the designated start time on your ticket and escort you to the pontoon. 


How long does it take?


The journey takes up to 2 hours. 


What should I wear?


It’s Belfast, so expect all 4 seasons.  The boat is warm and waterproof but we do like the put the roof up if the weather is good, so bring your sunglasses too!  Please don’t wear heels, they aren’t really that comfortable and it’s a boat. 


Is there a toilet?


Well, yes and no!  There is but we can’t use it in the River Lagan for obvious reasons, so make sure you use the bathroom before you join us. 


Can I bring my own food and drink?


It depends on which package you have chosen.  Drinks and food are not permitted unless pre-arranged with us.


How many people can the boat hold?


The boat is registered for 58 passengers but we love it when guests mingle and get to get up and take photos.  So we suggest 45 people max. 


Can I hire the boat?


Yes, you can, please see our packages here.


What’s your Cancellation Policy?


You will receive these at the time of booking.


Can I buy vouchers?


Not yet, but stay tuned!


Please note - the River Lagan is tidal and therefore is subject to some freak tides.  We will have used all resources available to us to ensure your trip is not disrupted including the official tide timetable but these tides can happen unexpectedly meaning we cannot go under the bridges.  Ahoy Belfast and their team will do everything in their power to ensure this does not happen but want our guests to be aware of this at the time of booking. 

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